Healthy Healing Herbs

WELCOME to Healthy Healing Herbs – Shop and Clinic, the first Western Herbal Medicine Clinic in Malta, where you can discover the best healing path suited to the needs and likings of each one of you, in a safe and gentle environment.

Who should see a herbalist?
Anyone who has a problem that is not going away by itself may benefit by seeing an herbalist. Orthodox medicine can be great with accidents and emergencies but it often lets people down when they have chronic illnesses. Drugs don’t make people healthier – herbs definitely do.

Herbal medicines are used to treat the person as a whole, they do not simply reduce the pain of an illness and they work on your mind, body and spirit. After taking the herbal remedies, you will have a greater feeling of personal well-being.

chamomile It is also well know that the actions of most herbal remedies are generally gentle on the body. They create a balance in your body enabling the body’s self-healing abilities, so your body can fight and reject the illness, therefore allowing the good health to prevail.