Business, adverts, ethics, part I


There are several ways on how people are choosing and doing a job:

-You do it ,even if you don’t like it because you need an income to survive.

-You do it because it gets a good income and makes you feel comfortable.

-You do it because you like it, it gets good money offering opportunities and even a certain position.

-You do it because it is part of you and you are ready to sacrifice anything to prove and apply your ideas no matter the cost.

This last way will make the difference in anything you do. Our time on Earth is short. I want to make a difference that will be felt even after I leave.  I have tried to accomplish this with my own children and I will try to do it with the ones which may need my help.

This challenge is quite difficult for me because of the contradictions of what a business means and my believes. So should I run my business in order to get a very good income or to follow the principles which have guided me all my life? I can say that I will definitely go for the second option. In poor words if I have to choose between pushing products and stuff which I do not believe in, only for making money I will rather follow my believes and ethics and I won’t do it. This is not my aim! Finding my aim means being able to do things that fully express my passions and talents. It means discovering a way to be passionate about something rather than a pay check. Finding my aim means learning the best way of helping the others rather than just helping myself. The financial part is for me, maybe for unlike many others, not in the first place.  I am 53 and from the age of 16 I became financially independent. During the years I have had different types of business quite successful, at the limit of not covering my brain with the foggy passion for money but allowing me to follow my studies, dreams, researches, passions, interests, without affecting – much – my family.

I am not an arrogant person but I never liked to be one of the many. I like to fly always quietly above the flock, searching for anything which might not be seen by the others.

I am going to offer the biggest possible range of services for people of all ages, males, females, culture and even for the animals using all the remedies available (Indian, Western, Chinese, etc) but not before I will convince myself that I am good enough to obtain maximum results and I can really help no matter what the problem of the client is.

Yes I do know all the ways of building a successful business – marketing,  advertising, using all the tools which the latest technology can offer us: internet, starting with building a website, having a twitter account, a Facebook page, being on LinkedIn, using the media, press and all the other ways starting with dropping leaflets and offering free seminars.