Business, adverts, ethics, part II

In the beginning, building a website is useful so like that people which like to search the internet for such services will know about me.

We should pay special attention to how we can prove what we advertise on the website always thinking about real possibilities and knowledge without promising things which we are not able to do, otherwise the most perfect website will be a disappointment for the clients if they find out that the reality is a different one.

Personally I will not start sending phishing emails with false claims or promises. I am not old fashion, but for this type of activity I would rather prefer to spend time to study, research and trying to create new recipes which might be useful and they will pay back. The free seminars are indeed a good way but not with the target of only getting clients, but to educate the people, to make them trust and respect the herbal alternative medicine. We shouldn’t be afraid about competition as long as we know exactly what we are doing. This is a healthy way of pushing us towards study, research and to be able to offer something different to the clients. The press and TV are also very good alternatives in promoting my activity. They can get lots of clients. I am not going to use this way neither and I will explain why.

Be so good in what are you doing, have brilliant results in helping people, offer them good ways of healing and when the results will show, sooner or later a journalist or a reporter will come to knock at your door without being necessary to pay false testimonials (it happens very often) for promoting your (un)ability.

I will also enjoy if I will have the chance to write free articles in the news papers trying to share with the others the benefits of herbal remedies and eventually to be able to answer any questions.

As you could see I do know all the ways of marketing, advertising, using all the methods available and I can say that I am sick of it. I am fed up of all the miraculous and expensive cures that are discovered over night full of promises, about all expensive books which offer fabulous ways of healings and after you read them you are more confused then you were before, about all the false gurus and all other cheaters available all over the world which might make people sceptic and suspicious about the real benefits of all the natural cures which have been proved to work and heal for hundreds of years. All this will do nothing else then to put the real values of this ancient traditions on a dark spot. I also know that to pretend is a completely different thing than to prove. I wish to be able to prove. Do everything in your life just to get money and comfort and you will arrive at a point when you will pity yourself, if you have a conscience.

In my practice I will take the “risks” of not running after clients but to let them come to me if they think that I am useful to them, if I can help them and if I deserve their trust.

There is no better advertising than the word of mouth, I know what I am saying! I like the challenges and I know very well the risks. In this case I will assume all the responsibility in taking risks without blaming anyone that did advise me how I should do it.

There are people which do not advertise, because they don’t even know what it means, they don’t have the wall full of diplomas from famous Universities, they do not charge indecent amounts of money, they do not promise miracles, they just give what they know better and they have plenty of clients without breaking any rules of ethics.

– Do sometimes charity for the ones who can’t afford the treatment. You will not become poor and you will sleep much better at night.

-Don’t do compromises. This is the first sign of weakness in anything you do.

If there is anything I have exposed that might look weird or inappropriate I can only say that everything I wrote here is strictly my personal view and way of how I want to apply my practice.