In our shop you will find products of highest quality which have proved their benefits during the years in healing and improving many health conditions.

We have the privilege to collaborate with one of the most professional manufacturers of herbal medicine products in Europe – FARES. With over 85 years experience in the field Fares is the Romanian leader in producing traditional remedies.

In 1929, which is now more than eigth decades ago, began a beautiful journey that brought together tradition and innovation to achieve teas and herbal remedies, winning the confidence of Romanians everywhere. Under the guidance of the pharmacist Andrei Farago, a visionary of his time, herbs came to life in the form of teas, syrups and essential oils.

Immediately after the fall of communism, the outstanding work of the pharmacist Farago emerged from the imposed regime form and became a private company – Fares, which is now the number one on the market of teas and herbal remedies in Romania.


All their products are based on old original formulas mixing secret recipes in a corner of paradise surrounded by nature. Their tradition is living in the most harmonious way with the latest discoveries of science.

The team of doctors, pharmacists, biologists and chemists are creating new formulas which are run for 5 years of clinical trials in universities from different cities under the surveillance of doctors with different specialities and monitoring the progress of patients under herbal treatment.

Many of you will think that I am trying to make advertising for this company to promote in the best way I can the products I am going to offer you for financial purposes only. Usually a good selling product gets a good profit. If so, in this case you are wrong. From what I know, the excellence doesn’t really need much advertising. Fares fits in this category. They excel in everything they do.
Back in time when I was very young (a long time ago), I can say that I grew up with many of their products which my mum used to give me when I was ill. I was always fascinated how the teas and syrups make me feel better. For many years I asked myself what might be behind such a successful company until one day when I realized that before the profit, of which no company can be blamed, there is something else, something more important. It is the love towards the others, the dedication, the passion and the knowledge they put in everything they do.

I would really like to say that Fares is a factory of health close to my heart for everything they did and are still doing for us.

Their belief is that nothing is accidental and the fact that they operate and cultivate the plants near Sarmisegetusa, is a trademark of the Romanian identity and of the company.

We would like to thank the management team, the experts and to all the others who are dedicating their life in research for the benefits of all of us.

Special thanks to Mrs Diana Teodorescu, of which professionalism, knowledge, understanding and kindness make this collaboration possible.